Team Deliverables

General Information and Requirements


On November 29, 2022, the OCSD video production team hosted a webinar that included many useful tips and guidelines for producing high-quality videos for OCSD.

Shooting Specs

To ensure consistency of quality among all team-produced videos, the OCSD video producers recommend the following camera settings:

  • 4K UHD resolution (either 4096×2160 or 3840×2160 frame size) is preferred; Full HD resolution (1920×1080 frame size) is acceptable
  • 24 fps frame rate is preferred; 29.97 fps or 30 fps is acceptable
  • 48 kHz audio sample rate is preferred
  • Rec. 709 color profile is preferred

If you are using a modern smartphone that does not include these setting options in its default camera app, consider using the excellent Filmic Pro app to access these settings and more.

OCSD Logo, Name Slates, and Music

Do not add the OCSD logo, name slates, or music to your video. The OCSD video production team will add the OCSD logo, music, and lower third animated name slates in the final post-production process.

  • When PDF is specified as the required format for a deliverable component, submit one PDF file. Do not submit multiple PDF files or a PDF package/portfolio.
  • Use vector processing for all lines and curves created in your source application(s) so they remain sharp when zoomed in.
  • Use 300 dpi resolution for most raster-processed elements.
  • For additional PDF best practices, refer to NREL Web Requirements and Best Practices for PDFs or your school’s best practice guidelines.


Upload your drawings to the Drawings and Review Cycles folder in your team group.

Refer to the webinar archive above for construction drawing requirements and guidelines.

Refer to the 2011 Solar Decathlon Drawings Archive for examples of excellent drawing sets. Strive to achieve or approach the level of detail, organization, and clarity in those drawing sets.

Public Profile

Your Public Profile is defined as “all the data and files the OCSD Organization needs to make the teams shine onsite and online.” Public Profile data and files will be used by the Organization in press kits and public-facing printed/digital OCSD communications materials.

Your public profile is comprised of four primary components: Team Profile, Model Home Profile, Business Profile, and Competition Profile. You are responsible for creating the first three components; the OCSD Organization is responsible for creating your Competition Profile, which is comprised of a summary of your competition awards, your projected HERS ratings, and jury feedback highlights.

Most Public Profile data and files will be entered or uploaded to the OCSD Organization via the forms in this section of the Deliverables webpage. Teams must continuously add and update the data and files throughout the project to ensure a current, accurate, complete profile.

Jury Briefs

Jury Brief is defined as “a concise summary of the project targeted at a specific jury and used by the jurors as a quick-reference ‘cheat sheet’.”

During the jury walkthroughs, be prepared to explain the means and methods you used to make the decisions and calculate the numerical values that are included in your Jury Briefs.

Five Jury Briefs are required—one for each of the five juries. The requirements for each Jury Brief are:

  • The Brief must be submitted as a PDF (see PDF Requirements in the General Information and Requirements section).
  • The Brief must not exceed four (4) pages, including text, graphics, photos, tables, etc. Appendices are not permitted.
  •  Cross references to drawings are permitted, but hyperlinks and URLs are not permitted.
  • Include a jury-specific innovation discussion to make it easier for juries to assign scores. Each jury is required to assign a score (up to 100 points) for its contest and another score (up to 20 points) for innovation that will be applied to the Innovation Contest.

Grant Progress Reports

Upload your grand progress reports to the Grant Progress Reports folder in your team group.

Refer to your grant agreement document for requirements.

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