Safety Training

We strongly encourage all OCSD team members to complete one of the following three safety training courses:

  • Each team must designate at least one safety officer (see Rule 3.2 in the OCSD23 Rules) and all designated safety officers must demonstrate completion of the OSHA 30-Hour Construction Safety course.
  • All team members who will be in the OCSD village during the assembly and disassembly periods should demonstrate completion of the OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety course. The permitted assembly and disassembly activities of team members who have not completed the OSHA 10-Hour course will be very limited.
  • All team members who will be on the competition site at times other than the assembly and disassembly periods should complete the online, OCSD-sponsored Site Safety Orientation. Details are below.

Evan White, the OCSD Safety Officer, is offering one final 10-Hour OSHA Construction Safety course on September 14-15. The content will be targeted toward OCSD-related activities. This course is not available remotely; it must be attended in person. To see details and reserve your team’s seats, log in to your team account and click the button below.

Other notes:

  • Team members are permitted to attend OSHA 10-Hour and 30-Hour courses offered by OSHA-approved training centers around the country instead of attending the OCSD-Targeted OSHA courses. Remote and in-person courses are offered by many of these providers.
  • The Health and Safety session slides from the January 2023 workshop are viewable at the January 2023 Workshop calendar event on the portal.
  • All team members who want to enter the competition site will be required to register. ID badges will be issued to registered team members when they enter the site for the first time. Completed safety course(s) will be annotated on the badges.

OCSD-Targeted OSHA Refresher

Evan has summarized the most important OCSD-targeted content from his OCSD-endorsed OSHA courses in his OSHA Refresher.

If you took one of Evan’s OCSD-endorsed OSHA courses and want a quick refresher OR if you took an OSHA Construction Safety course from a third-party training center and want some OCSD-targeted content to supplement the course you attended, please check out Evan’s OSHA Refresher.

OCSD-Sponsored Site Safety Orientation

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